John Olerud Game-Used #1

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted about old Johnny O; I’m still in the process of scanning his 1993 cards, so I thought in the meantime I’d show some of the game-used Olerud that I already have.

2005 Prime Patches

One of my absolute favorite Olerud cards. I believe it’s numbered to 50. These sets looked horrid when you got the base version, but something like this just looks great, and I got it for insanely cheap. I felt like I ripped someone off, honestly.

2002 Topps Ten

This card is a lot cooler than it looks. It’s made of an almost translucent material, and you can touch the jersey from both the front and the back. Another favorite.

2003 Stadium Club Born in the USA

Kind of an interesting concept; make the swatch cut-out the shape of the state in which the player was born. Doesn’t exactly blow me away, but it is kind of an interesting little piece.

I have a LOT more of these, I just don’t have them scanned. Look for more soon.


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