Twin Peaks: Everything Smells Like Fish

Ugh, Donna is such an annoying, obnoxious character, no matter who’s playing her.

Now THIS is a damned cool card. “Pierre” was played by David Lynch’s son, who is now directing himself. As for the character, this is not taken as the canon view on exactly who the boy is (his name may not even be Pierre, in fact). There seems to be some connection between his grandmother, him, and the Owl Cave Ring that causes death/people to get trapped in the Black Lodge. Definitely one of the more mysterious characters, and it’s odd he got a card, as he only had one appearance in the TV series.

Maddy may be the only more annoying character than Donna. I guess at least she’s not Leo?

The fish was in the percolator! Oh, and apparently Jack Nance played Eraserhead.

Like I said…

More to come. We’re not even halfway there yet!



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2 responses to “Twin Peaks: Everything Smells Like Fish

  1. Yes, Jack Nance WAS Eraserhead. Really sad (and strange) how he died, probably apropos to Twin Peaks.

  2. Whoah, didn’t know that story. That’s crazy!

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