1994 Bowman’s Best #3

1994 would be Larry’s last year as an Expo. He’s definitely remembered as a Rockie more than an Expo, but he’ll always be an Expo to me, and one of the greats.

1994 was a bit of a down year for John, but he still managed a 152 ERA+ in 54 innings. Hard to tell what might have happened if the season had finished.

And finally, Rondell White. It seemed like Rondell was around forever before he ever made the majors. His list of prospect ratings from Baseball America is pretty amazing, too:

Pre-1991: Rated #13 Prospect
Pre-1992: Rated #12 Prospect
Pre-1993: Rated #15 Prospect
Pre-1994: Rated #9 Prospect

So there was a ton of excitement around him. Too bad his career was so mediocre.

Time to rate the set…

So, let’s rate this set…

Design: 6/10 – It’s interesting, and they tried to do something different. I don’t think it entirely succeeds, but I give them credit for at least trying.

Player Choice: 7/10 – Some of the prospects could have been left off in favor of other players. No Pedro is particularly glaring.

Photography: 7/10 – Some decent shots that kind of get lost in the design.

Total: 7/10 – Interesting if not successful design, some questionable player choices, and okay photography. I’m surprised I didn’t rank this higher than I thought I would, but it was an experiment when it came out. It’s best to remember it that way.


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