1994 Bowman’s Best #2

Man, Fullmer was all OVER the Expos team sets at this period. He was supposed to be a superstar. In 1994 he was just a second-round draft choice, completely unproven, but he would live up to his advance billing at Albany in 95, but we’ll get to Fullmer in the future.

At least they got Marquis Grissom in this set. I was going to criticize the lack of Delino DeShields, but he was with the Dodgers by the time this set was released, so perhaps the set was not as incomplete as I thought. Random stat: Grissom led the majors in PA in 1994 with 521.

Rod only appeared in three games in the majors in 1994, and wouldn’t be back until 1998, when he pitched two games for the Brewers then was exiled from the majors altogether. I remember him being kind of a big deal that just never panned out.

I just loathe talking about Urbina. Murderer. Enough said.


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