1994 Bowman’s Best #1

This time, let’s wander a bit afield of the 80s and even the early 90s as we start to get into the incredible mid-90s Expos teams and a pretty cool little set, 1994 Bowman’s Best.

Of course, as with all chrome/refractors, scanning is a bit of a tricky process, so I’ve done the best I can to clean up these scans.

There are two designs in the set, this red for veterans and “super rookies” (whatever those are) and blue for prospects. The design is very…odd, I’ll give you that, with lots of jagged angles and conflicting textures, but I like the artiness of it all.

While Alou was a big part of the team in 1994, Andrews wasn’t yet, and would never quite be a big part of the team. Despite that, I think this is a cool little card. The blue jersey works really well with the overall theme of the card, even if it wasn’t intentional.

It was so weird to open this set and see Eischen as a prospect. It’s hard to believe there may have been a time that was true, given how long he hung on with the club. Nice little nod to the guy.

See, here’s what I mean about the super rookie designation. Floyd should have technically gotten a blue card here, but they went with that. I don’t know, I think I would have preferred the blue.

The player choices for this set were a little odd, I have to say. We’ll see more of that when I present part 2 tomorrow. They covered most of the key players, I suppose, but there are a couple of glaring omissions. Still, I’m glad to have the set; I always kind of admired it from afar.


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