It’s Here…

2002 UD Authentics. At last!

And it was a hot one; printed odds of a relic are 1:16 packs. I pulled four relics out of 18 packs. That’s beating the odds! I’ll show the pulls off tomorrow.


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3 responses to “It’s Here…

  1. JT

    I wasn’t collecting much in 2002, so I missed out on this set. But why is there a Cubs logo on the Griffey card?

    • That’s a question for the ages. I’ve never understood it myself. The card itself has a Reds logo, and it’s not like Griffey had only just joined the Reds and might have gone to the Cubs. I don’t get it. Was there a rumor he might go to the Cubs? If there was, I can’t find a record of it.

      • JT

        Rumors yes, but never anything concrete. The honeymoon in Cincinnati didn’t last long. People were calling for his head after the first season.

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