Twin Peaks: The Owls Are Not What They Seem

Man, Laura’s story was messed up, and it just got more and more messed up the farther down the rabbit hole you went. Even if you watch the prequel before diving into the series, you realize they really only scratched the surface of how insane Laura’s life was. Laura’s locket is almost like a symbol of that insanity, floating through lives.

I guess James meant well, but he’s one of a parade of young guys in this series that I absolutely loathe. James is certainly the lesser light of the triangle of crap that is James, Bobby, and Leo, however. His hair…just…his hair, man!

Okay so I know it talks about his glasses balancing the two hemispheres of his brain, but I also have to wonder if all the red/blue connections for Dr. Jacoby indicates that he, in some way, walks the fine line between good and evil. After all, if red represents evil and the Black Lodge, then wouldn’t blue represent good and the White Lodge? I don’t know, just a theory. And hell, it’s a sign of a good show that you can still theorize about it twenty years after it was on the air.

I just barely remember Dr. Hayward, so my log will have more to say about him later.

Ah yes, the diary. I picked this up for a penny last year. Maybe I should get around to reading it after The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I’ll consider it…



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2 responses to “Twin Peaks: The Owls Are Not What They Seem

  1. “I know you!”
    – The Giant

  2. Mary

    “How long have I been out?”

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