Twin Peaks: Cardboard, Walk with Me

I’d normally think a character like Lucy is annoying as hell, but she played a pivotal role in the scene where Dale Cooper throws rocks at bottles to determine leads, and that’s one of my all-time favorite scenes in the series, so I can’t knock her too much.

Hawk is another character who should annoy me. He’s so stereotypical Native American, and yet there’s something inherently likable about him. Not to mention he knows a lot about the lodges.

Wow, certainly didn’t expect to see this card when I first got the set, but I guess the shot is iconic. At least it’s another production still rather than taken from the TV.

And we close today’s entry with Laura herself. I was glad she got her due in the prequel, which I think was pretty damn good despite the reviews. I guess you had to be a fan to really appreciate it, though, and it’s not addressed in this set due to coming out later.



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4 responses to “Twin Peaks: Cardboard, Walk with Me

  1. If someone sent me a Twin Peaks card of “log” I would definitely not refuse it. LOVED that show.

  2. Mary

    I had no idea Deputy Hawk was named Tommy Hill. Not sure how I missed that!

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