2009 Bowman Red Unnumbered Parallels: Backdoor Specials?

Just read about these on Superfractor.com and was instantly intrigued by the chance to score some truly unique Nationals cards. I hopped on over to eBay and found two Nationals available: Shairon Martis and Scott Olsen. Sadly, I didn’t see the Ryan Zimmerman I really would have wanted, but these are still damn cool. I wonder if more stuff like this will surface one day?

Here are the pics from the auctions…I’ll scan them once I receive them.

Update: as you can see in the comments, Donovan provided the uncut sheets that these may well have come from. Since linking doesn’t work in the comments, I’ve posted them here. Thanks Donovan!



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11 responses to “2009 Bowman Red Unnumbered Parallels: Backdoor Specials?

  1. Swag

    Ha awesome. I picked up a Timmy Hudson, Prince Fielder, and Gaby Sanchez.

  2. Swag

    Yea thanks for lettin us know man. Who know’s what’ll happen when topps gets into this.. Who knows they might end up being real rare haha.
    I wish there were Yanks for sale.. woulda snatched them up.

  3. Here’s what was sold on ebay

    673 of these were sold. 70 players. There were Yankees, I bought some.

    From my research these appear to be professionally cut from sheets given to distributors. No proof of that as of now.

  4. Here you go !



  5. Well that didn’t work. Do I need to use a different code or …? email me if you want the pics.

  6. Thanks for posting the pics. I’m unsure about the legality. I’m sure it will be something like “These are fake. We have no control if counterfeits exist or not” or “These are stolen property and we have no control….” I’ve posted this on 6 different message boards. I hope to get some more info on this. So far I’ve learned they were given to distributors in sheet form. Also gave distributors uncut 2009 and 2008 Bowman Sterling Football Red 1/1 uncut sheets, no Jsy or stickers and they were later cut up and sold. I have 19 of one player and the real 1/1 of that card. I could not find any differences. If you want pics, lmk. I’ll follow up here with any new info. Topps giving uncut sheets of limited print run cards away….if that’s the case, not too smart.

    • Oh man if I had the 1/1s of these i’d be righteously angry. I’d be very interested in seeing whatever you have. I’ll do an update on everything in the morning with full credit. My email is crimnos at gmail dot com. Thanks!

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