1989 Upper Deck #4

Yeah, another one of THOSE poses. I never paid much attention to Wallace Johnson back then, so I decided to look up his numbers. 1988 was his best season, with a 118 OPS+. For a first baseman…yeah. Let’s just say there was no good reason to pay attention.

Woof…getting tired of these now. I wonder if pictures of teams were generally taken by one or two photographers? Because I see two distinct photographic styles at work here, and this one is just lazy. Huh, Tracy played a total of 53 games for the Expos, and actually hit well for them. I didn’t know that. I just always associated him with Montreal.

See what I mean? A different photographer here, the same one who cut off Hubie Brooks’ foot. Man, I’m sick of seeing Dave Martinez. For some reason, he’s the one player who pops up the most. I probably have 12 copies of his 1990 Donruss. The thing is, he was a pretty serviceable outfielder. Definitely someone I wouldn’t mind having on my team, but yikes. Too many.

This is my absolute favorite of the set. That is just one fantastic card. You see hundreds of shots similar to this, but not quite at this level. It almost feels like I’m sitting in a seat behind the plate, watching the action. I also love the old-school Phillies uniforms looking sharp in the foreground. The entire set was worth it for this card alone.

Man, those are some empty seats. This is just kind of a “meh” shot, and a bit of a letdown after how exciting the Martinez card was, but nowhere near as bad as those endless upper body shots. A fitting way to stop for today.


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