I’ve Got Good News

On with Twin Peaks…

This one’s just your average story card, what I’d expect out of a set like this, though again the scanlines make it clear this was taken from a TV screen. Grrr.

Okay, I have to admit this one amused me greatly when I saw the front, and the back was even better. So if you ever wondered how to make a damn fine pie, there you go. I want to know if anyone tries this out.

I think this one makes the scan line problem abundantly clear, but I do like the text on the back.

Mary said she appreciates the chemistry between Cooper and Truman, and I have to agree. Truman really rises above what could be a very cliched character.

Heh, one of my favorite scenes is when Brennan just breaks down crying as he’s taking pictures of Laura Palmer’s body. Well, not favorite but…funny, I guess. Kind of odd when you say it like that. Anyway, I never really appreciated his character that much until I ran into his analog in the Twin Peaks ripoff videogame Deadly Premonition. That illustrated a little more what his character was about.

All right, now we’re getting into the meat of the set! More tomorrow.


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