1989 Upper Deck #3

I always liked Heaton’s pitching motion, and here it is capture beautifully. That’s exactly what I thought was cool: the way the glove hand moves, and his arm motion was a great pivot. He was never an incredible pitcher, but I always noticed when he pitched. I also like the way the picture captures Chavez Ravine. I wish I could figure out who that is in the background. Is that the Dodgers’ third base coach at the time? If so, anyone know who that might have been in 1988?

Then we have this card. The shot of Wrigley is cool, and it’s a great action shot, but good lord that pitcher’s face, heh. Hesketh’s cards always featured some bizarre pitcher’s face, however, so this one really isn’t that surprising.

It’s the day of pitchers! I had completely forgotten about Holman until I saw this card. I think it’s a combination of him not sticking with the Expos for long (and let’s face it, I wasn’t an Expos fan back then) and confusing him with Shawn Holman, a Tigers prospect at the time. Overall, this card is kind of a letdown after the nice photos above.

As is this one. The 1989 set sure had its fall-back poses, and this was one of them. Not much to say about it, really.

And we’ll close today’s entry with the key card of this set. This is my second copy, and while it’s just another portrait card, it feels pretty iconic to me as an Expos collector. He’s yet another player I’ve already featured from this set. I think we’re almost through with those.


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