Diane, I Am Holding in My Hands a Small Box of Chocolate Bunnies

I’ve been a Twin Peaks fan for years, and when my girlfriend and I decided to revisit the series in the last week, I learned that someone had issued a set of cards for the series. Crazy, I thought…I’m not really a non-sports collector, but the thought of these cards were just too much. They arrived yesterday, so I’m going to go through them here, one by one, excepting the checklist cards. Soo let’s rock!

The fronts of the cards are framed with wood and the backs look similar to the above, though as we’ll see, the backs feature more information. I like the note on how to compile the set, heh.

A few things popped out at me once I got to this card. One is that, yes, there are cards of things like birds in this set. Trust me, it gets odder. Also, some of the pics seem to have been taken straight from the television – see the scan lines? Kinda hokey, but the production shots and information on the backs more than make up for them. Oh, and they’ve inverted the picture at the top of the card. With any other show/set this would annoy me, but it makes a strange kind of sense with Twin Peaks.

Here’s where things start to get interesting in regards to the mythology. I can’t recall seeing that bit about Cooper being a magician anywhere else, and if you’re familiar with the show, that’s actually a pretty important detail that fills in some questions.

And our last card for today, #5…

More interesting information. It doesn’t mention that that book also included a line about Diane really being Cooper’s method of talking to himself.

More tomorrow. We’re definitely going through this whole bad boy. You need to see the Killer BOB rookie card if nothing else.



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2 responses to “Diane, I Am Holding in My Hands a Small Box of Chocolate Bunnies

  1. “Ummm. DAMN good coffee, and hot!”

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