Receiving Cards From a Moos

Tim from the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame recently contacted me about a trade, and, being open to all manner of trade right now, I figured yes, let’s do it. I received the cards from him on Saturday and was very pleased!

1992 Topps Kids

Remember how I got that Denny Martinez Topps Kids card in another trade recently? Well, Moos sent two cards from the set, and I found a Delino DeShields. I suspect I may have the complete team set now, but I’ll need to research it. How is it that these feel fun to me now while the Triple Play cards feel so juvenile? I don’t know.

1993 Baseball Aces

Here’s another parallel. Remember the 92 Aces Denny Martinez from the Mysterious Box of Mystery? Well here’s a 1993 version of that same set, with Marquis Grissom. Moos included a few of these, too. It’s always good to get cards from sets you’ve never had before. Speaking of which…

1998 Collector's Choice

I had no idea Collector’s Choice made it to 1998. Was the set that popular? Back when it was first out, I thought it would last maybe a year or two and fade away. You can imagine how surprised I was to see this card. But hey, it’s another team set I had no idea about, so it gives me another target!

1995 Pinnacle Zenith

Moos included a lot of those tasty Mid-90s cards that I either had no idea existed or are just rare in my collection. It was great to fill my collection with some cards like these:

1996 Upper Deck

1997 Upper Deck Rookie Class

Let’s just say I’m starting my fourth binder of Senators/Nationals/Expos cards thanks to this package. But let’s take a look at the real gems of this trade:

1970 Topps

If you read regularly, you know I welcome any and all 1970 Topps, so it was a real treat to get one I didn’t have. I also got another one that I already have but am quite happy to add for that day when I finally decide to go after that 1970 set. But the real gem of this trade was something I had never seen in person:

1971 Topps Coin

That is sheer awesomeness. Why is it that I don’t care for the 80s versions of these at all, but the 70s versions absolutely fascinate me? Is it the age of them? I don’t know. I suspect it might have something to do with being interested in all those failed experiments that Topps did in the 60s and 70s, but I’m not sure. Either way, this is one I’ll treasure. Thanks a lot, Moos! Your cards are going out tonight.


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