Finds and Sales: Indiana Jones Box

In the course of my thrifting Saturday, we came across a very curious box. At first glance, it looked like just a common thrift find, but I quickly realized it was a sealed box of 2008 Topps Heritage Indiana Jones. For nine bucks. It retails at 40! I snapped it up.

An Extremely Blurry Pic of the Box.

Of course, with the chance of an autograph or sketch card, I had to break this bad boy.

This is what the packs looked like.

The cards themselves were what you would expect: it’s a set of the cards from the original three movies on thicker card stock with new facts on the back, including a subset of movie posters and concept art that totally rocks. I’ll probably scan some of these in the near future. But the real treasure of the box was this:

Short Round Sketch Card 1/1

I was initially confused by the 1/2 at the bottom but my guess is that’s the date, as the back of the card says 1/1. Holding one of these in my hand, I totally understand how people get into them. The artist is Amy Pronovost, who did 187 different cards for the set. I like her style a lot, very cute stuff. She’s done a lot of work for other sets, so I’m honored to have one of her sketches. Awesome stuff! I’ll be looking to get more, I believe.



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2 responses to “Finds and Sales: Indiana Jones Box

  1. This card is the left half of a 2-card panel. Your card features Short Round from Temple of Doom. I was unable to figure out who is the character on the right half. It looks like it’s inside the temple viewing the dais or related to the mine car chase.

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