1989 Upper Deck #1

Last week I realized that, despite how much I like the 1989 Upper Deck set, I didn’t have the Expos team set from that year. I also realized this was a crime, and I set about to remedy that crime. Here are the results.

I’ve featured this card before in an expose on Aldrete as an Expo. Not much more to say beyond that.

There was something about Hubie that put him in every single pack of cards I opened way back when. His cards were drawn to me, and I definitely remember pulling my fair share of these. This does not really showcase the difference Upper Deck made; this could have been on a Donruss card, albeit the quality of the card itself is better. In fact, they’ve zoomed in a little too close on him and cut off part of his shoe. Amateur move.

Yep, it’s Tim Burke, that’s for sure. Another not-that-impressive shot, but I did notice that the coloring and vibrance of the photos in this set really stand out, even from the Score sets. That’s part of that new quality that they brought. There’s really no comparison when you have, say, a 1989 Topps card next to an Upper Deck card.

Recently featured in the 1988 Project, John Dopson’s card is another fairly straightforward Spring Training shot.

I promise these do get better…there are some great cards coming up.


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