Expos Auto: Milton Bradley #3

2005 Prime Patches

I was shocked to realize I’d never featured this card on this site before. I won this on eBay late last summer, and always meant to get around to it, but I guess the site went dark before I could get to it. I remember getting it for ridiculously cheap and feeling like I’d gotten one hell of a steal. The significance of 7/19/00 is that it was Bradley’s MLB debut. I think it’s weird that they didn’t make a note of it anywhere on the card – why have him sign it that way if you’re not going to feature it in the card somehow? My only guess is that it was for an idea that didn’t pan out.

By the way, he went 3-for-5 in that game. Auspicious debut!



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2 responses to “Expos Auto: Milton Bradley #3

  1. Tim

    Whoa, cool card! At first glance I thought maybe he wrote the date he signed under his auto, and that it was a 5 year old sig. But the debut makes a lot more sense hahaha.

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