Trade with BA Benny

I’ve been in the process of cleaning up and streamlining my baseball card collection thanks to a post by Gellman at Sports Card Uncensored (whose site I love, just by the way) about hoarding versus collecting, so I’ve been participating in lots of trades to turn perfectly good but perhaps unwanted cards into cards that fit my collecting habits. So I offered Mike from BA Benny’s Baseball Card Buffet a trade. I sent his cards off the other day, and yesterday a package arrived from him. Yay! I love a good trade. Let’s take a look at what he sent…

1992 Topps Kids

I had completely forgotten about the existence of this set. Now I have to see how many of these have Expos on them and get them to round out the set!

1992 Topps Gold Winner

This is my first Topps Gold Winner Expo. I’ve been wanting to complete the regular gold team set for awhile, so this gives me a head start on the winner version.

1994 Flair

If you’ve been a long-time reader of this blog, you’ll know I’m a total sucker for Flair. From the quality of the card stock to the high-gloss photos, it’s one of my all-time favorites, so getting one I didn’t have was a real treat.

1996 Pinnacle Summit

Mid-90s Pinnacle is some great stuff, and oddly enough, 1995-1998 are the biggest gap in my collection, so it’s always good to get this stuff.

1995 Topps

Speaking of which…I had no idea Moose Milligan was ever an Expo. How did I miss that? I guess that shows how into baseball I was in 94/95.

2009 Topps 206

This is my first Topps 206 card, and I have to say, I really like it! This is another team set I may end up pursuing.

2010 Upper Deck

Upper Deck did such a good job of disguising Ian that I didn’t even recognize him at first. It took me a minute, that’s for sure. Still not feeling the 2010 Upper Deck set, but I will eventually pick up the team set. Maybe sooner rather than later.

2002 E-X Game Essentials

I love the EX set and it’s awesome to get a GU from it. This one really meant a lot to me. And finally…

2007 Topps Update Highlights

An Austin Kearns auto! I wasn’t expecting this one at all. Thanks a lot, Mike, and I hope you enjoy the cards I sent your way!


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