Expos and Nationals All-Bust Teams 4: The Showdown – Outfield and Catcher


Glenn Murray Vs. Justin Maxwell

Murray Mle numbers (best season): 19 hr, .195 BA, .226 OBP, .375 SLG

Maxwell Mle Numbers (best season): 17 hr, .213 BA, .264 OBP, .373 SLG

Murray has the slightest of edges in power, but Maxwell wins out on BA and OBP and has a higher OPS, especially weighted toward OBP.


Justin Maxwell


Chris Schwab Vs. Frank Diaz

Schwab Mle numbers (best season): 5 hr, .194 BA, .250 OBP, .312 SLG

Diaz Mle Numbers (best season): 10 hr, .230 BA, .246 OBP, .349 SLG

The OBP is close, but Diaz has a clear advantage in BA and SLG. I think this one’s obvious.


Frank Diaz


Josh McKinley Vs. Kory Casto

McKinley Mle numbers (best season): 11 hr, .203 BA, .261 OBP, .315 SLG

Casto Mle Numbers (best season): 14 hr, .217 BA, .289 OBP, .361 SLG

Clear-cut victor here. Casto’s numbers are better in every category.


Kory Casto


Nelson Santovenia Vs. Erick San Pedro

Santovenia Mle numbers (best season): 14 hr, .231 BA, .290 OBP, .369 SLG

San Pedro Mle Numbers (best season): 0 hr, .138 BA, .172 OBP, .181 SLG

When I said San Pedro was terrible, I meant it. Santovenia keeps the Nationals from sweeping this entry.


Nelson Santovenia

1989 Toys R Us Rookies

I was surprised that the Nationals overall won in the outfield, but when I think about it, most of the great Expos outfield prospects actually made an impact in the majors, so the chaff wasn’t that great. Here’s how things are shaping up now:

So, let’s look at how our combined team’s infield is shaping up:

  • 1B: Larry Broadway
  • 2B: Henry Mateo
  • SS: Hiram Bocachica
  • 3B: Boi Rodriguez
  • C: Nelson Santovenia
  • OF: Justin Maxwell
  • OF: Frank Diaz
  • OF: Kory Casto

So we’re all tied up with four representatives each.  Tomorrow we’ll finish things off with the pitchers and look at our franchise all-bust team.



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2 responses to “Expos and Nationals All-Bust Teams 4: The Showdown – Outfield and Catcher

  1. I’m not sure that Hiram Bocachica belongs on the list. Sure, he may not have made it for the Expos, but he’s actually had a multi-year big league career. He certainly didn’t live up to “Top Prospect” billing, but I’d hardly call him a bust on par with some of these other guys.

    • I agree, actually. I should have put a note on there that it was kind of tough to find a real Expos ss bust. They were either drafted low and/or had no hype or actually made it. This was the toughest spot to fill.

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