Team Set Reviews are returning and other business items

  • Team set reviews were one of my favorite features of the “old” NatsTown, and I plan to revive them very soon, starting with the 1989 Upper Deck team set, followed by the 1987 Fleer Glossy set.
  • I’m looking to “streamline” my collection to make it more focused, so I would love to trade with anyone who’s interested. My collection is heavily focused on the early 00’s right now, so if you need a lot of cards from that era, please comment or email me.
  • If we’ve discussed a trade, I’m pulling cards for you now. My set is stored away, so it takes me a little while to pick through it, but I enjoy the process. Not to worry, I think some of the finds will make up for the delay.
  • No Finds this week; I met my biweekly budget last week, so I took last week off. We’ll resume as normal next week.
  • Welcome to all the new readers. I hope you’re enjoying! I have a lot of plans for the blog.
  • I’m working on a novel. I’ll probably talk about it here at some point.
  • That’s all!

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