My Favorite Cards: Joe Tinker Game-Used

I think I’m going to start covering some of my favorite cards from my collection, beginning with this gem:

2003 Topps Gallery

Believe it or not, I pulled this from a pack in a repack box. I seem to have great luck with those things, but this was certainly what I consider my greatest pull, even if the Mike Stanton might have been worth more money. Game-used may be passe these days, but pulling a piece of bat that is, at a minimum, almost 100 years old, feels pretty damn special. I’ve been tempted to unload this card over the years since I pulled it, but I could never bring myself to do it. It’s a *real* piece of baseball history, and that’s what makes it one of my favorite cards.


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One response to “My Favorite Cards: Joe Tinker Game-Used

  1. Congratulations for having that sweet card. I must agree it was the piece of a bat that made that card special. Especially if it is almost a 100 years old piece. Good decision not to trade it and keep it instead in you PC. Again nice pull..

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