Post 500: Game-Used: Livan Hernandez

2004 Studio

I believe this was a cheap eBay pickup late last year. I liked it then, and I love it now. Say what you will about Livan Hernandez, I’ve always liked him as an Expo, a National, and now his second stint with the Nationals. Sure he can be a garbage day pitcher, and his stats aren’t that great, but I have a fondness for him. I guess it has to do with nostalgia for that unexpected 2005 season. I also think this card is pretty cool for that hint of a blue stripe in the “1”. Would I have preferred it be in the middle? Sure, the placement could have been better, but the tease of what could be behind that carboard in the middle is kind of fun. Sometimes I wonder if I could bring myself to rip it out and just make it a normal swatch. I think not, though. My only other complaint would be that they could have shown him in the striped homes if they were going to include a striped jersey swatch. Something like this:

I still think it’s a worthy addition to my collection, however.

Also, this is my 500th post! I’ve decided to celebrate it with a special that will appear tonight, but I can’t believe I’ve reached this milestone and still have a long way to go. Here’s to another 500.


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