Finds and Sales V: You Yo-Yo

Yeah, that’s right, I managed to find a Boston Red Sox Yo-Yo last week.

This week’s sales and finds is a little unique, as I found myself thrifting when my apartment was – once again – without power, and I needed a refuge from the heat.

My biggest source of finds this week was junk wax. I found heaps of bags of donated junk wax, and picked them up with a couple of rules in mind:

  1. If a card from a set pre-1986 was visible, buy.
  2. If an Expo or National was visible, buy.
  3. If any of my PC players were visible, buy.

I pruned down the pulls to only those essentials and did what you should do with junk wax: I threw it away. It’s all part of my effort to simplify my collection. Here’s a picture of the stack of left-over cards. Some of these will be going out in trades:

Along the way I also ended up with a pack of Beanie Baby cards that was packaged in with some baseball cards. I figured hell, why not? I went for it. Here are the contents (they’re available if anyone wants them):

I also found the book Eight Men Out. I don’t know if the movie was based on this, or vice versa (I suspect the former). I’ve always been fascinated by the Black Sox scandal, so it was a must-have, and is not getting resold.

Then I found this little oddity:

It’s a snowglobe of George Mason basketball coach Jim Larranaga. Odd find, huh?

Finally, I found this box of Oriole checkers.

The concept is checkers played with Orioles and Yankees mini helmets.

Yeah, not sure what else to say about that.

So that’s it for this week’s edition. Stay tuned…


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