Finds From The National Part 7: The Aughts

Good lord, even I didn’t realize how much I found at The National, and these posts are just scratching the surface, really. Let’s take a look at a sampling of the Expos and Nationals from the aughts.

2004 Diamond Kings

I really liked this series. I remember scooping up a bunch of these at a card shop back in 04, but the only one I can still find these days is Rafael Palmeiro. Maybe I traded some away, I don’t know. Either way, I was quite happy to find this O-Cab. The 00’s Diamond King issues were such an improvement on the ones in the 80s and 90s, there’s really no comparison. No offense to Dick Perez, but whoever was doing the art here was much better. Unless it was Perez and his style changed?

2004 Donruss Classics

I remember this set being lauded for its hits when I got back into collecting in 04, but I only ever managed to snag base cards. That’s fine by me, I like this design a lot. Very classy.

2004 Topps Gallery

04 Topps Gallery will always be near and dear to my heart because I pulled one of my favorite cards from it (I’ll be featuring it soon), and I was glad to come across an Expo from the set. They don’t quite get to the level of Upper Deck’s Masterpieces set, but I enjoy the Gallery issues nevertheless.

Remember that 04 Just Minors set? Here are the Expos:

2005 Sweet Spot Classic

This is another set that I remember having great hits at the time; I have a Reggie Jackson GU from this set that I cherish, so it was cool to be able to pick up some of the base cards. I also scored a Frank Howard that I’m sure will come up sooner or later.

2006 SI For Kids

These remind me of the Donruss Triple Play and Upper Deck Fun Packs concept. The back is Randy Johnson making a face, with an empty balloon so the kids can make their own caption. Meh. But I didn’t have it.

2006 SPx

I never had any 06 SPx, so I was pleased to come across this one. There must be a Ryan Zimmerman from this set, but I haven’t found it yet. With so many other cards out there, it’s hard to prioritize it, but I’m sure I’ll find it sooner or later.


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