Finds From The National Part 5: Non-Nationals/Expos

There’s at least one more post coming detailing my 00-10 Expos/Nationals find, but I wanted to take a break in all that to look at what else I managed to get.

1987 Topps

I found this in a stack of graded cards for $2.00 not far inside the door. I’ve said before that I’m generally not a fan of the whole graded card phenomenon, but I have to admit seeing this absolutely perfect specimen of a card from my childhood (and it is damn fine, I’ve never seen one like this) was enough to get me to plunk down a couple of dollars. Palmeiro’s career is one of the greatest disappointments of my baseball fandom; I think in a different world, one where he didn’t juice, something like this would be more treasured. As it is, it’s just a nice “get” for me.

1970 Topps (the sticker is on the sleeve)

This is a classic. An absolute classic. Remember when I talked about the 1970 set and its role in my childhood? Well this card was iconic, as it would be accompanied with a “LOOK AT ME. HOW DARE YOU DOUBT ME. MY NAME IS CESAR. CESAR TOVAR. I AM A LEGEND.” and so on. It might be one of those things you had to be there to appreciate, but the expression just killed us, and I had to have it.

2009 StarQuest Emerald

I had promised myself I wouldn’t break any wax because it always ends up being a money sink that doesn’t result in many interesting cards, but when I saw Dave and Adam’s setup, I ended up splurging after all. Just…sigh. I bought a box of 2009 Upper Deck Series 2 because it was damned cheap. I broke it and got two Super Rare Emerald StarQuests and a Jake Westbrook GU that is marked for TribeCards. The StarQuests are available by trade.

At least I got a lot of Nationals in the box.

I also got a set of 2004 Just Minors for 5 bucks at Dave and Adam’s. I got it because a. I’m a sucker for minor league cards, b. there had to be some Expos in there I didn’t have, c. it came with two autographs. Little did I know they meant two of the exact same autographs! That’s right, I got two of these:

Oh, I also got two hobby packs of MLS soccer as a prize from that purchase, but I know nothing about the cards I pulled.

Stay tuned for one more entry of non-Nats/Expos!


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