Finds From The National Part 4: Random Expos of the 1990s

Okay, definitely not going to cover every little 90s and 00s Expos card I found; it would take more posts than I’m willing to dedicate to such a topic.

1993 Upper Deck Masterpieces

I found a set of 93 Upper Deck Masterpieces for a dollar, so I went ahead and picked it up. At that price, I think I’m going to break it and send out the non-Expos cards in trades. Honestly, I was expecting a little more than the ultimate emblem of the early 90s infatuation with holograms. I didn’t like it then and I really don’t like it now.

1995 Studio Gold

Someone had a huge box of these for a quarter apiece, so I picked up this and the Marquis Grissom from the set. I actually like the credit card design, as crazy as it is. At least it shows some creativity and stands out from the other issues at the time.

1995 Topps Cyber Stats

This came from the same dealer with the Studio Gold. I picked up every Expo that he had; I love the concept of these cards, and wish someone had archived the stats on these somewhere.

1996 Finest Intimidators

I believe this one cost me 50 cents, and I had to remove the protective sticker. Every time I see those I get annoyed – cards are meant to be seen and touched, and I’ve made it my personal mission to remove those.

1997 Flair Showcase Style

Not much to say about this one. Just another Flair issue that I appreciate.

1997 Upper Deck

Man that thing was almost impossible to make visible on a scan. You wouldn’t believe the tweaking I had to do. But hey, giant double-flapped helmet? I’m down.

1998 Bowman Chrome

I had never even heard of this guy, and I bought a couple of boxes of 1998 Bowman. He’ll get a failed prospect soon.

1998 Bowman's Best

Man, Fullmer was considered a hot prospect once upon a time. Kind of sad.

Anyway, that covers Expos of the 90s. We’ll look into some non-Expos cards next.


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