Finds From The National Part 3: Vintage End

All right, last vintage entry before we move on to some more modern stuff. And if you’re wondering, no, I did not buy a single autograph or game-used, though I did end up getting some of those via other means at the show. I went there with a plan and I (generally) stuck to it. Collecting on a budget isn’t always easy.

I had also never bought any 1973 Topps; hell, if you’d asked me, I couldn’t have described the design, but when I saw these, I had to have them.

I had, however, seen some 1974 before.

Again, I knew 1975, but had never owned any. God, what an ugly, ugly set. It’s almost glorious in how hideous it is.

I also got a HUGE stack of 1976 Topps for the set I’ve been building for the last five years, but I’m still deciding exactly how I’m going to cover that on this blog. There are Expos in there that I’m sure will show up here sooner or later, as these cards will make other appearances down the road.

Since I’m writing about the National here, I may as well say something that’s been on my mind since I attended. What is up with the fetish for graded cards? Okay, I even got into it briefly with a card you’ll see soon, but it made me sad to see good cards marked as “raw”, though it meant they were cheaper, and so many modern and vintage cards getting short shrift if they weren’t graded. Putting aside the questionable nature of the grading business, I think they’re usually ugly and incredibly difficult to store. Seeing all those stacks of slabs of plastic just couldn’t compare to cards in regular sleeves and cases. I don’t know, I feel like it removes some of the personal nature of the cards when you can’t actually handle them. I guess it’s more about the investment side of things, and that’s okay, but I know I enjoy getting closer to the cards and really investigating them.

Anyway, that’s my little rant. That gets us through the vintage and Day 1 of my National finds. Tomorrow we’ll take a look at some of my latter-day finds, with either Day 3 or 4 reserved for my non-Expos/Senators/Nationals cards.



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2 responses to “Finds From The National Part 3: Vintage End

  1. If by “hideous,” you mean “beautiful,” then I agree completely.

    But I’m a little biased.

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