Finds From The National Part 1: Vintage

This is going to be a multi-entry subject, both the finds and the vintage section, so I’m going to present these without much comment unless I feel they need them; they will likely be re-presented later with more biographical information on these players.

1957 Topps

Looks a little rough, no? Cost me ten cents, as did this card:

1957 Topps

1961 Topps

I featured a reprint of this card from 2010 Topps Heritage earlier this year. Here it is:

2010 Topps Heritage

1967 Topps

1967 Topps

My oldest Frank Howard. Love it. Only cost a quarter.

1969 Topps

I saw about seven copies of this, and this was the best-centered example. Must be an issue with 1969 Topps.

That gets us through the 50s and 60s…I’ll tackle the 70s next.


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