Expos Prospect: Jason Bay

2002 Bowman

It almost feels wrong talking about someone who’s a New York Met now, but there you go. What can you do? As a comfort, we’ll only be talking about Bay as an Expo prospect. Interesting to me, at least, is that he never played a game as an Expo (aside from Spring Training). It’s kind of hard to find images of Bay in an Expo uniform outside of his old cards, for some reason. I haven’t been able to find any, actually.

But make no mistake: Bay was a good, but not great, prospect. In his first year with Low-A Vermont in 2000, he had a .304/.358/.385 slash. On the surface, the BA looks attractive enough, but couple that with a low OBP and a very low SLG and he didn’t look that great. He started to look better in 2001, though, which meant by the time this was issued, he was a legit prospect. He hit .315/.409/.488, which when put through the minor league equivalency (MLE) converter comes out to .214/.270/.309. Uhm, yikes. So again, he looked good on paper, but when you converted those numbers, it was questionable if he would ever be a ML regular.

In 2002, the Expos traded him to the Mets with Jimmy Serrano for Lou Collier. Yes, Lou Collier. As far as I can tell, he never had a baseball card with the Expos, and only played 13 games for the Expos. Now THAT was a trade worth making. It just sums up that era of the Expos a little too well.

The rest of Bay’s career is history. He was dealt to the Padres for fluff, and then dealt to the Pirates as part of the Ollie Perez deal. Rookie of the Year from there on out, and ended up with the Mets again. The end.


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