Former Expo: Del Unser

1977 Topps

Del Unser was never a real threat at the plate, but on this card, he was coming off a particularly wretched 1976 campaign: a .228/.269/.355 slash.

You know, I had a very eloquent post written about Unser’s 1976-1978 campaigns, about the trade that brought him to Montreal, and what he went on to do with the Phillies, but my building’s unstable Internet connection ate it, and I don’t have the heart to rewrite it all about a subject such as Unser. So, here’s the short version:

1976 was disastrous for Unser, and the trade overall was a wash.

1977 he improved in some categories, dropped in others.

Overall, he wasn’t very good with the Expos, then went on to have one good year in Philly.

I got this card out of the Mysterious Box of Mystery, though surprisingly it was not the oldest card. It’s a standard Spring Training shot, but my detective work has turned up that that’s likely Ray Sadecki of the Mets warming up in the background there, though that really could be anyone behind him.


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