Contents of the Mysterious Box of Mystery, Act II

So what else was in the mystery box? Glad you ask. More Expos, for one:

1989 Topps

And cards that I had completely forgotten existed! Baseball playing cards:

1994 Aces

Yeah, it was a bit worn. Oh, let’s not forget the Paul Russo 1991 Bowman that I often cite as an example of why that set was horrible:

1991 Bowman

I mean, I guess I get what they were going at, but the way it was handled was pretty jarring, and I’m not a big fan of the artwork. Oh, speaking of artwork, I got Andre the Giant, who was pretty much a cartoon! Oh and the MACHO MAN. OOOOH YEAH!

Action Packed WWF

Finally, possibly the most WTF moment of the box came when I found this card:

Monsters of the Gridiron

What were they thinking? I’m embarrassed for Cunningham for participating, I’m embarrassed for the people who came up with the design…it’s just a fail on so many levels, I had to feature it here. I have to say this is fairly tame, though. I missed out on some real beauties, like the Ronnie Lott card:


Can we get a baseball version of this?


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