John Olerud 1991 Cards #5

Okay, kids, let’s finish up the 1991 Olerud quest with a few final cards.

1991 Topps Rookies

This is another one of those latter-day discoveries for me, but when I saw it on, I just had to have it. I had always associated this set with the late 80s and had no idea it had lasted until at least 1991, so in an odd way it was like seeing a modern throwback card: a player I’d never associated with the design. It was a bonus that it was Olerud. I also think the 40 year logo, which was so distracting on the prime 1991 set, looks really nice here. I think this also may be one of the few Olerud batting practice shots I have, so all in all I give this one high marks.

1991 Topps Toys R Us

This one…not so much. Dog-standard Spring Training shot (albeit with a hat, so that gets a rarity mark). Distracting elements on the borders. It’s all just…eh. It never was my favorite and hasn’t improved with age.

1991 Upper Deck

On the surface I feel like I should really like this card. It’s a pretty good shot, and I think it would work well on a full-bleed card, but the 1991 Upper Deck design is iffy at best. There’s just too much real estate taken up by the border design, and the picture seems a little too squished for me. Oh, and I’m amused by the old-school stirrups. Man I hated wearing those things, but of course we couldn’t lower our pants to cover them. Anyway, in the context of 1991, this is a pretty good card, but I just can’t bring myself to say I like it.

And that’s it for 1991. Soon we’re onward and upward to better things and the creep of better quality into baseball cards.


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