Game-Used: Andre Dawson

Heck, why not jump on the HOF bandwagon?

2005 NL Artifacts

Ah, 2005, a time when game-used cards actually meant something to the hobby. I believe I got this as part of a COMC binge back in September, meant to be posted last year, but got lost in the shuffle when the site went dark. It’s probably one of my favorite Dawson cards that I own. How can you not love a swatch from those blue jerseys? I think it’s particularly great that they went to the trouble of making the picture match the jersey color. I had some issues with Upper Deck, but they sure could do some good work. I sorely miss them this year. Anyway, this is just a simple little salute to the Hawk for getting into the HOF. Let’s get Tim Raines in there next!

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