Finds and Sales III

Welcome to the third installment of Finds and Sales. Unfortunately, I was again not able to go out to the thrift stores this past week, so we’re going to continue to feature some of the past finds. I expect to hit the stores again this Sunday, so we should have some new material in the coming week. That said, let’s delve into my finds.

Chris Ray played for Aberdeen in 2003, but this was part of a three-statue set released in 2007 to commemorate that 2003 team. The other players featured were Adam Loewen and Nick Markakis; I have already found the Loewen and it’s in my collection, so I’ll be adding the Ray to my collection as well and hoping to track down the Markakis. Funny thing, though, Ray was only in Aberdeen for nine games in 2003, so I’m not sure why they celebrate him as an Ironbird, other than perhaps that he made the majors. But there were other plays on that team, like Erik Bedard, Jerry Hairston, and Eli Whiteside. Why these three I don’t know.

Do these things give anyone else the creeps? I don’t know, there’s something about the duck bill on a human face that disturbs me deeply, but I know people collect them. This was issued in 2002, sold, and haunts my nightmares, along with the Jaromir Jagr one that I also bought:


I managed to score this sweet card of King Felix on eBay for something like 50 cents and sold it for a couple of dollars, but I would happily have held on to it. I like Masterpiece cards in general, so it was well worth it.

This was the first original Bowman card I’d ever owned, another discount purchase on eBay that I flipped for a profit.

Found this in a thrift store in Prince Georges County, Maryland. These were given out July 21, 2008. And she has no discernible connection to Bowie, but it seems to be their “thing”. For those who are curious about what Lindsay really looks like, here she is with her bobblehead:

And finally, we have a Wayne Gretzky New York Rangers McFarlane figure. It came like this, without the base, but I’m curious to see if anyone would want it, considering the price was right.

That’s all for this week. Hopefully next week we’ll have some more exciting finds to document.


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