John Olerud 1991 Cards #4

Today, we continue to delve into the John Olerud collection with the penultimate 1991 entry.

1991 Sports Cards

FOIL! I’m not sure about the legitimacy of this card. I had never seen or heard of it before, then it was suddenly all over eBay. So of course I ordered it. Also, is it just me or is Olerud’s head concave on the left-hand side, near the temple? My first thought was it was from his aneurysm surgery, but that would have been on the back, given that it was subarachnoid, right? But…I went and reviewed his other early cards, and the dent is in those, too! How have I collected this guy for 20 years and never noticed this? MIND = BLOWN. And yes, that was also a way of avoiding saying that this is a dull card. Sue me.

1991 Stadium Club

Man, I love this card. I have a special place in my heart for 1991 Stadium Club. It was expensive at the time, yes, but it was a noble experiment and just hits such a warm spot in my photo-loving heart. I really should try to complete the set one day. Full-bleed photos, non-intrusive design elements, mmm mmm. They missed the mark with the following sets somehow, but this will always be a classic to me.

1991 Studio

And then there’s this abomination. I mean, black-and-white studio photos could have been an awesome set. Imagine this kind of photography on a Stadium Club design and you see what I’m getting at. Instead they frame these photos in the worst puce disaster possible, and your eyes just kind of slide right off. Not to mention the information on the back is kind of interesting, but…eh…not what I want. And good lord, has he got chicken neck going on here or what?

1991 Topps/Topps Tiffany

1991 Topps Desert Storm

Putting these three together. Okay, the 1991 is a regular scan, but I also have the Tiffany.


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