John Olerud 1991 Cards #3

1991 Panini Sticker

These were produced for the 1991 Panini Sticker album (albums that my mother collected in the mid-80s, acquainting me with baseball players). The album looked something like this:

Panini Album

I don’t remember seeing these back in 1991, and I’m not actively pursuing these as much as cards, but they’re a pretty cool find, and actually pretty informative for what they are.

Did you know?

John had no intention of signing when the Blue Jays drafted him in the third round. I was able to track down a newspaper from the time via Google News Archive that shows:

An interesting read. I’ll detail some more items along this line as we go on…

1991 Post

I always hated this card. That airbrushed helmet makes it look like he’s wearing an egg on his head, and I’m pretty sure “Toronto Blue Jays de Toronto” is not proper French, but who am I to argue? There’s just not much to say about this card outside of “came with cereal”. Kellogg’s did it much better.

1991 Score

I also used to despise 1991 Score, but now I just think of it as kind of workmanlike. The design works okay; I think it was the color choices that were throwing me off. I mean, look at this monstrosity. The shot is a bit washed-out (I color-corrected it), and the border choices…teal, yellow, and purple for a Blue Jay? Really, Score?

1991 Score Boxtop

This is the same thing, but was a pop-out on the 1991 Score wax box. I *had* to buy a box of Score back then just to get this. Funny thing, this box actually came with one of the rare Mantle inserts, so I guess it was worth it.

1991 Score The Franchise

That’s better. The shot is more humanizing, the design is a lot more sedate, and the black-and-white works well on the black borders. I’m not sure how I feel about the blue background, but it kind of works here. It’s funny, when this set came out I never really liked this card, but these days I think I appreciate it a lot more than the base score card. Odd how that goes.

1991 Score Rising Stars

Finally, we have the Score Rising Stars card. While not the best issue from that year (far from it, in fact), I would have been a lot happier with this being the design of the base Score set. There’s a lot more real estate for the picture, and the colors aren’t as garish. Not to mention there’s some matching blue in the border! All in all, not a bad way to wrap up this entry.


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