Reggie Jackson Player Collection #1

I have to come clean here: I’ve been a closet Reggie Jackson fan for a long, long time, and I have flirted with the idea of a player collection of Reggie for years. I’ve recently come to the conclusion that while it may be a bit difficult, I want to go through with it, though it means digging through some boxes and perhaps paying some premiums. So why Reggie when he was never on a team I cared for? Because I have fond memories of hearing about him and seeing him when I was very, very young – he may well be the first baseball player I was ever aware of in my life as a child in the late 70s.

Upper Deck Legends of New York

I picked a good portion of the Legends of New York set up at a thrift store a couple months back during one of my excursions. The cards were water-damaged, but I didn’t care because I had no idea the set even existed, and I thought these were pretty damn cool. That NY logo, for instance, is fabric. All the player base cards of this set were the same, with the fabric logos. For that reason alone, it was worth owning, even given my bias against New York teams. And hey, it’s an “awesome night card” *wink wink nod nod*. It’s not at the top of my currently paltry Reggie collection, but I think it’s a pretty cool little oddity.

Upper Deck Legends of New York "The Times"

Gee, where did that photo of Reggie above come from? Hmmm. Yeah, this set also included highlights of New York baseball, and of course they had to include the 77 and 78 world series with Reggie’s heroics. I don’t have much to say about either of these cards, so they’re presented without commentary, aside from the fact that the water damage actually adds some character to this design.

Upper Deck Legends of New York "The Times"


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