2002 Donruss Originals

So, as you can probably tell from this site, I love “throwback” cards, though I’ve come to realize that throwback is not the best term for them. More like cards that are anachronisms, like modern ballplayers on old designs or old ballplayers on new designs (and those designs cannot be made for a specific set of old-timers – it has to look the same as a current design featuring current players). I don’t know why I love these so much. I suspect it’s a “what if” angle, though oddly enough Topps Heritage and Bowman Heritage have always left me somewhat cold and I suspect it’s a mix of thinking of those as “old” designs that have no relevancy and thinking that a pristine card that looks like, say, a 1965 card, is just wrong. A 1965 card should have some wear on it, dammit!

Anyway, since I’m in the middle of the 2008 Timeline 1992 set, I thought I’d take a break and look at another set I’m assembling, the 2002 Donruss Authentics set.

What was it about 2002 that made this idea so prevalent? We had 2002 UD Authentics (another set I’m collecting) and Fleer Platinum (yet again, another set that will show up here sooner or later). I wasn’t collecting in 2002 so it seems like an odd little quirk of that year.

Anyway, let’s take a look at some of the set today!

1982 Throwback

I was never a huge fan of the ’82 Donruss design, but it is kind of neat to see modern players and crisp photography on it. It gives it a little more life, even if it is a pretty immature, childish design. The shot itself here is an unusual one. You just don’t see many shots like this, especially with the “Mr. Cool” umpire in the background. And of course, Albert Pujols is just amazing and I’m happy to have any of his cards.

1982 Throwback

Two cards in, and I realize I like the photography in this set a lot. I think that has something to do with why I’m chasing the set even at its expense. Combining newer players with better photography in a design not noted for its photography? Hell yeah. I like this card alot – again, it’s a vaguely familiar shot that is made a bit more interesting by when in his follow-through it’s taken. And of course, I like Manny even if he is a bit of a screw-up.

MC Pee Hands.

See, this Alou shot, even though it’s again a dog-standard follow-through shot, the hand is off the bat partially. It loses some points for not showing his face, but overall it’s not a *bad* card. And it’s a former Expo, so all the better!

1982 Throwback

Okay, this is a boring shot through and through. They can’t all be winners, I guess. It is kind of cool to see Hudson in the green and gold again, though. Man, that was a hell of a pitching staff.

So that’s the start to this set. Kind of starts off slow, but it gets really good later, and of course I have a loooong way to go in completing this set; I’d love to trade with someone who has some.


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