One More 2010 Heritage: Walter Johnson

Man, I can just never get enough Big Train cards. Seriously. I’m thinking of starting a latter-day player collection for him, since I could obviously never afford his originals.

The Man.

I’m not sure if this design is based off of anything specific (betraying some of my lack of vintage knowledge here), but it’s a decent card. The card is referring to the 1908 season, when Johnson…well, threw three shutouts in four days, which is just insane to think about, even by deadball standards. Even crazier? Johnson was 20 at the time, which makes me think they probably chose a not-so-great source picture, as the Big Train looked more like this when he was younger:

The differences are subtle, but they're there.

But, yeah, so he shut down the New York Highlanders 3-0 on Friday, Sept 6th; then on Saturday, Sept 7th he won 6-0. There was no Sunday game owing to “blue laws”,  but he pitched the first end of a doubleheader on Monday the 9th and won 4-0. Go Big Train!


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