2008 Upper Deck Timeline 1992 Flashback Pt. 4

Well, this set has a few All Stars from this year. I never thought Corey Hart was going to amount to much, being honest, and I was pleasantly surprised, though he has had his down years as well. I do wonder if this year’s power surge is a long-term thing, though. Probably not. He is 28, which would be right around his prime. What I’m saying is I wouldn’t go loading up on Hart rookie cards as an investment, but he’s a solid player. Oh, and once upon a time he was a pretty great player for my Out of The Park team. Heh.

As for this card…eh. Far from my favorite of the set, but it’s another one off the checklist.

Huh. So I was prepared to declare Fred Lewis today’s scrub, but I looked up his numbers and he’s actually not a bad outfielder. Who knew? I mean, I consider myself a fairly savvy fan, and I had no knowledge of the guy. I mean, he has little power and a just okay average, but considering that average he has a pretty great OBP. I mean, yeah, you ideally want more from a corner outfielder, but I wouldn’t kick him off my team.

Really dig this shot. Love the reflection in the shades and the close-up of an otherwise ho-hum pose. So yeah, he’s not a star exactly, but it’s a card worth having, I think.

David Murphy will forever be a Red Sox player in my head; I just associate him so strongly with 2003, the year I got back into collecting. At that time he was a #1 draft pick for the Sox, and I figured he would eventually make the team. Seeing him as a Ranger just feels off, to this day. You know, though, as decent as he has been, I wouldn’t say he’s lived up to being a #1 draft pick. Especially when you look at who was picked after him (Adam Jones, Chad Billingsley, and Carlos Quentin to name a few). Could be worse, I guess. Could have never made the majors.

I like this card, as well. There’s something about this set that makes the players seem larger than life – it’s not just the extreme zoom but also the framing of the shots. I appreciate it.

Breslow has lived the life of a middle reliever, that’s for sure. It’s actually kind of surprising to see him in this set, given the short shrift middle relievers typically get. Relievers are pretty hard to gauge, but Breslow does look like a good one; decent if not eye-popping WHIP, good ERA+s (though they’re almost useless for relievers), keeps the home runs low.  And hey, he’s made pretty good for a 26th round pick. You go, Craig!

This is another example of the larger-than-life shot. I wonder if it’s because 1992 Upper Deck was more zoomed out and modern cards tend to get a tighter shot? I don’t know, but it’s interesting and keeps the set dynamic for me.


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