Two 2010 Heritage: Jason Marquis and John Lannan

I haven’t covered any 2010 cards in depth yet this year, so I thought I’d hit a couple of 2010 Topps Heritage cards that I pulled from a blaster earlier this year and haven’t written about here.

Photoshop? What's that?

Okay, I do have to say this is one of the better Topps Photoshop jobs I’ve seen, even if the W’s perspective is all messed up. They were clever to choose a picture without a hat, as well. As for Marquis in a Nationals uniform…heh. I remember I went to the preseason game against the BoSox and Marquis was on the cover of the program as this big free agent acquisition. Then he pitched three games, getting shelled, and was shut down for the season with an injury. Some free agent splash!

This is his pose on every card. Seriously.

I’m a staunch defender of John Lannan. Sure, he’s not a superstar or necessarily even a star, but he’s a solid #3 guy, and that has a lot of value to it. Okay, well, he was a solid #3 guy until this year, anyway. I don’t understand what happened to him, and I kind of wonder if he’s playing hurt. No way to know for sure, though, until something happens. Anyway, I’m not the craziest about 2010 Heritage. Some of the inserts are fun, but I was never a fan of this design in the first place, so it’s just one of those years where I’m…eh.

So there, I’ve covered some 2010 stuff. Now back to our regularly scheduled cards.


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