Sunday Flotsam and Jetsam

Sunday is the day when I update my eBay sales, so since I already have to sit at the computer for hours, it seemed like a good time to clean out some of the outstanding issues on the blog, especially since my posting next week is going to be extremely sporadic if I can’t build up a good backlog of entries (busy work week, big deadline coming up, etc etc). So…let’s dig around in the archive a little bit and see what we can dredge up outside of one of my ongoing series.


I guess I’ll start on the trade front. I’ve just started up trading again. It’s always been one of my favorite parts of blogging. When I was a kid, we were ruthless about trades, calculating them not by human values but by currency values; this if you wanted something you had to trade of equal value, and the only exception was throwing in cash. It wasn’t the best way to trade, honestly, because you had to go to Beckett and look this stuff up.

Funny side story, actually. When I was but a naif in the trading/collecting circle, beginning of 1989, I pulled off a trade with a kid. I had gold in my hands and didn’t realize it: the Gregg Jefferies 1989 Future Star card (iconic on its own). It was a $3.00 card! Such unheard-of sums. But I had no idea who Jefferies was. All I knew was he was some rookie and who cared about rookies? I felt like I was ripping the other card off getting five cards of future hall of famers in exchange for some lame rookie. As soon as the trade was done, though, the other kids informed me of my mistake and I was traumatized. Like, really. It was a lesson not just about card collecting or even the wisdom of trades, I don’t think. In retrospect I learned a lot about the nature of society and other people. It seemed like such a no-brainer to me in my innocent mind. Then I learned that people generally didn’t value things in the same way as me (something I think we all struggle with) and that people will willingly deceive you and let you screw yourself. It was an interesting experience for a 12 year old, to say the least. I became a trade stickler and rookie worshipper in reaction; I would never get taken advantage of again, that’s for sure.

So, why did I tell that story? Because this community is so unlike that. We see needs, we we share them with each other. We share breaks. I mean, it’s a practical solution to the unwieldiness and expense of collecting, but it would never have occurred to my group. And that’s why I like the card blogging community in general.

All this is a long way of saying that I completed my first trade with Shellie at the Middle Child yesterday; she received her cards in the mail, including a beloved Mark McGwire card of mine. It’s a great card and it was awesome to be able to give it to a true McGwire collector.


So last Saturday, in my Chris Sabo 1988 expose, I mentioned the existence of a Baltimore Oriole minor leaguer who was once competing with Hensley Meulens to become the first native of the Netherlands Antilles to make it to the major leagues. For awhile there I was almost convinced I’d imagined him, but he showed up on some searches and now, after 22 long years, I have a Sherwin Clintje card in my hand. Even if his name is misspelled.

The Internet is an Awesome Thing

Cijntje? How do you pronounce that? Or is that the native spelling of his name? But yes, proof that the guy existed and played in Hagerstown. I’m happy.

Uhm…I guess that’s really all for now. I’ll try to update as best as I can during the week.


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