Back to the Land of the Living / Trade with the Middle Child

Well I’m finally starting to feel better after two solid days of hell. I’ll spare you the details, and just give you two words: food poisoning. I think today was my recovery day, but it may have been worse than yesterday.

Still, today was redeemed when i went to check the mail. Guess what I found?

Some recipes from a friend. Awesome, but not the subject of this entry.

Nope. I’m talkin’ ’bout Giant Jeff Reardon.

Or is that Giant, Jeff Reardon?

Look at that freaking thing! Now, when you don’t have a want list and you pull off a trade, you run the risk of getting doubles (which, frankly, I’m okay with), but I have to admit I have never been graced by Giant Jeff Reardon.

Giant Jeff arrived as part of a package from Rockies card blogger extraordinaire The Middle Child. And I have to say, she nailed it. I’m definitely going to be adding a lot of new cards to my Nats and Olerud albums.

Something like my first 2010 Topps card of the year (I just haven’t had much interest in the set this year, but I may go back and get the team set now):

This guy's been around so long it's odd to see an "RC".

And my first 2010 Upper Deck:

I totally can't tell what team this is. For reals!

AND my first 2010 Bowman (geez, do I look behind the ball or what):

And it's a gold, too!

Know what else?

Giant Jeff Reardon.


But speaking of Expos, they weren’t left out, either. Check out the 96 Ultra Izzy Alcantara card:

This is my first Alcantara card. No idea why, but I'm stoked.

There were a lot of other Expos, but I’m going to be greedy and save them for some future posts, where they’ll be relevant. Now, on to the Oleruds!

I have a pretty sizable Olerud collection (800+ cards), so I’m always curious to see what people will send me and how it fits into my collection. Amazingly, she hooked me up with five Oleruds I didn’t have from the mid-to-late 90s, including:

1998 Stadium Club. Looks like Sweet Spot, doesn't it?

1997 Donruss

And three more, including a super-sweet 98 Pinnacle. Thanks, Shellie! I hope you like the cards I sent your way. Oh, yeah, and:

That's right.


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  1. shelliebee

    I’m glad you like! 😉

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