2008 Upper Deck Timeline 1992 Flashback Pt. 3

Here we go again…ordered some more from this subset and should receive them soon. Anyone know how many there are exactly? Anyway, let’s cover some more significant cards this time.

Evan Longoria RC

Probably the most “important” card from this subset, and it’s a nice one. I mean, I like Longoria to begin with (I’m something of a closet Rays fan dating back to the early 00s), but I think the shot itself is pretty good and, while 1992 UD is not my favorite design in the world, I think it works here for the most part. I think it’s because of the colors in the background and the muted white border.

Oh, and Longoria? Yeah, he’s kind of good.


Raise your hand if you know what happened to Bills, because I have to admit I haven’t been following that closely and have no idea. All I can see is his peripherals declined, and he seems to have bombed out. Was it injury?

Anyway, I like this card. Great motion, nice bright colors that work together. Sure it’s not a “key” card or anything, but I like it, and I could see it fitting in with the 92 set nicely.

The Pie

Man, Pie’s had a weird career. He was the first player where I became really cognizant of the curse of Cubs outfield prospects, and so dimmed my excitement considerably. Since then, he seemed to put it together in 2009 and I didn’t quite understand why he was in the minors in 2010, but now I see he was injured, and of course it makes sense considering this is the 2010 Orioles we’re talking about. This is a nice action shot, with interesting contrast between the blue of his uniform and the yellow shirt behind him. That blue smudge to right kind of offsets that, but eh. Beggars and choosers.

I think we’ll stop there for today. More tomorrow!


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