2008 Upper Deck Timeline 1992 Flashback Pt. 2

We soldier onward…today we cover some lesser lights of the set (and there are quite a few, mind you).

I know nothing about Bobby Wilson. Literally. I’m going to look him up now for the first time.

Okay, good news for Mr. Wilson is that he’s stuck around to this year. Bad news is he hasn’t had a whole lot of at-bats or games, and in those games, he’s managed…well, let’s say his career WAR is -.2. Just not getting it done for a corner infielder. Not to mention his career minor league ops is .763. Mind you, not bad for a 48th rounder; I’d say for a 48th rounder to become a AAAA player is pretty awesome.

Clete Thomas seemed like one of those young guys who just couldn’t get a shot in Jim Leyland’s world. I mean, in 2008 he had a 103 OPS+ in 40 games, and managed a 0.2 WAR last year. Not world-beating stuff, but give the guy a chance already, he could make a handy fourth outfielder. This season, though, he’s back in Toledo, and he must be demoralized, because he’s not doing a damn thing. Poor guy.

This guy has been a Yankee this season, and not a very good one. Looking at his minor league line, it looks like control has been a huge issue for Mr. Smith. His half-decent ERAs have belied a career 2.70 K/BB ratio (which is pumped by a couple fluky seasons already). Not too much to say about Greg Smith after that. I’m amazed he made it to the majors, and I doubt he’ll stick.

That’s all for now. We’ll try to cover some more interesting players next time.



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2 responses to “2008 Upper Deck Timeline 1992 Flashback Pt. 2

  1. Just for the record, Clete is out for the season after having knee surgery in early June.

  2. Ahhh, good to know. Even more “poor guy” then!

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