More John Olerud Rookies

We’ll continue our trip through Olerud’s “Cardography” for lack of a better term with some more 1990 issues, some more obscure than others.  Yesterday we covered Classic, Donruss, and Score, so let’s pick up again with those. First up is Olerud’s Donruss the Rookies issue.

1990 Donruss The Rookies

This has to be one of my favorite of his rookie issues. I love the blue and green, and of course it’s an action shot. I remember being a little disappointed that this would not be his actual rookie issue, while the bland assy red version would be. It sucked. But hey, at least this one got issued, and it’s a nice one. I have three copies.

1990 Donruss Baseball's Best AL

He also had an issue in the confusing-as-hell overkill Baseball’s Best set from that year, but it was nowhere near as nice. Contrasting blues and a generic shot. Yawwwwwwn. I remember finding this in a dollar bin in like 1993 and being all “what the hell??” I’ve since gotten another copy, but I only accept them as doubles, rather than seeking them out.

1990 Classic III

I *want* to like this card. It was nice to get a good action shot, but the design is still just too hideous, although a bit tempered without that neon pink. I picked up the Classic III set day-of, however, as it featured the first cards of players like Chipper Jones and I wanted in on that. To this day, however, I’m more than a little cranky toward Classic. It was one of the worst offenders in trying to get rookies ASAP, and that crap got old.

1990 Bowman

Just..eww. 1990 Bowman is fugly, and it doesn’t help that almost every shot is a spring training shot AND they somehow managed to make a wire-thin 6’5″ guy look huge. Where does that double chin come from? One of my least favorite Olerud issues of all time, and that’s saying something.

1990 Fleer Update

Workmanlike. That’s how I’d describe this. It’s just kind of there. Still, as a kid, the 1990 Fleer Update set excited the hell out of me with exotic players like Oscar Azocar (RIP) and Jim Leyritz, and getting a new Olerud rookie was a gigantic bonus. I’ve only gotten two of these over the years, but I’m guessing that’s more because I just feel ambivalent toward it.

1990 Leaf

Now THIS was the rookie to have in 1990. And hell, it’s still pretty awesome. Good shot, good composition, and I love the design. One of these days I want to buy a high-graded version of this card to have some sort of “definitive” version of his rookie card. I see them on ebay every now and then. Oh, and you’d better believe I was psyched to pull this out of a pack back in the day.

1990 Blue Jays Fire Safety

Last, but not least (for this batch), one that I only found recently. This was a team-issued set. I’m glad I never knew about the existence of these when I was young, because it would have driven me insane. They’re hard enough to find in the Internet era, pre-Internet I would have just torn my hair out. oh, don’t mind the crud on it, I scanned these in pages, and that’s on the page. As for the card itself…eh…it’s just all right. The design is what you’d expect for a set like this, and the photo is just all right, though it was neat to see something from his rookie season I’d never seen before.

Okay, next entry should get us out of 90 and into 91!


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