A Few John Olerud Rookies

I spoke some yesterday about my history with collecting John Olerud cards, and I thought I’d start looking at my collection with the rookie cards, as those have the most emotional attachment for me.

1990 Donruss

I was never crazy about Olerud’s 1990 Donruss card. Of course, I was never crazy about 1990 Donruss, period. Even keeping in mind the hideous design (which actually improves with almost any other color than that red), the whole thing was just sloppy. This particular specimen of the card isn’t in the greatest of shape, but I have upwards of 30 of these things, so I wasn’t picking through them all to find the best one. What can I say? It’s a generic, static shot in old Comiskey park, but it does bring back memories of trading for every single one from my friends.

1990 Score

My second-favorite Olerud rookie, it’s the only one from the regular issues that year that shows some sort of action shot (even Upper Deck couldn’t manage that). I’m sure that’s down to how few games Olerud played in 1989, appearing in just six games after jumping straight to the majors. After checking his 1989 game logs, there are a few possibilities of which game this could be, but I strongly suspect it’s the October 1st, 1989 game, the only one Olerud started (and he started at 1B that game). I like the guy lounging on the right side of the card.

1990 Classic I

Finally, the first of two Classic issues for Olerud that year. Man, this set just screams early 90s. Look at those neon pink splashes. I was never crazy about Classic, and 1990 is when they really got stupid, with the gimmicky Pete Rose Jr. card (trying to cash in on Griffey, anyone?). I’d say the stupidity could be linked to the design, but I don’t know…anyway, this was one of the better base shots of Olerud. You don’t see too many bench shots like this. And is that Rob Ducey in the background?

More Olerud rookies tomorrow.


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