All right guys check this out.


This just arrived in the mail. Its a 1987 Donruss the Rookies set not only in its original box but in packaging used to hang it up. I’ve never seen it before. It’ll be tough to open, but I’m up to the job. There seems to be something lurking behind the set. What could it be?

Oh my gawd.

As I live and breathe, it is role model baseball player Steve Garvey daring to keep kids off of drugs. I am now intensely curious how these sets came to be packaged like this. Let’s look at the back.

Looks like it cost 14.95 to join the Sports America Club, which was no small amount for a kid in 1987. But hey you DID get 10 FREE Donruss cards, yo! Was it worth it? Maybe?

Oh, what other mysteries do you have to reveal to me, 1987 Donruss Rookies? We shall find out soon.

Sidenote: Once my 1989 Donruss Rookies arrives in the mail, I’ll have every set from 86 to 92. Suh-weet.

More proper content to come, later.


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