This Card

Ignore the 1.00 tag. That came from somewhere else.

But there’s a story behind this card. It was winter of 2003/2004, and my now ex-wife had just had serious surgery, leaving her essentially homebound while I ran all the errands. I popped into a K-Mart to pick up a few requests for her and, on a lark, picked up one of those repack boxes, thinking it’d just be fun to see what I might get. Unable to contain myself, I sat in my car in the parking lot and  ripped the entire box in one go.

Now, keep in mind I was completely ignorant to the concept of inserted game-used materials and autographs, so when I pulled this from a pack I was initially intrigued, and then hooked. This is what they were doing now? Amazing. I had to get more cards. It was the beginning of a renaissance for me, one that led eventually to establishing this blog.

I recently sold this card off as I’m trying to establish a solid eBay presence, but I held onto the scan because of what it represents to me. It’s nice to take a look at it every now and then and remember.


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