I’m Back

Yes, it’s been awhile, but NatsTown never really left my mind. I originally left because the price of acquiring new cards was getting to be a burden, especially with being in some bad financial straits at the time. Thankfully, my situation is improving by the month, and I’ve shifted my collecting focus a bit (I’ll never be able to afford to cover Strasburg or Harper even if I wanted to, for example, so why try?). As such, I think it’s time to relaunch NatsTown with a new focus. Yes, I’ll still be talking about Nationals and Expos cards, but I will also be focusing on some new content to reflect my changed collecting ways.

Starting with this guy.

John Olerud

Sorry, pic not mine...haven't had time to scan.

I started collecting John Olerud in his rookie season, 1990, a time when I was knee-deep into prospecting. Olerud was my mainstay, though, as something about his story was compelling: a former two-way star who had fallen victim to an aneurysm and nearly died, only to come roaring back and jump straight to the majors from college. Something about it spoke to me, and I started picking up his rookie cards in mass quantities. I traded for/bought every Olerud card I could get from 1990 to 1995, when I stopped collecting the first time.

Even when I came back this last time, I didn’t go back to the collection. I just had this sad little binder full of his 90s cards that had followed me from Bridgewater, Virginia to Blacksburg, Virginia to South Africa and Alexandria, Fairfax, and Haymarket Virginia, then on to Gaithersburg and Bethesda, Maryland. That binder has been with me for 20 years now, and I held on to it when I got rid of almost every other collection. So I recently decided to look through it again and got the bug to finish the collection to the best of my ability. Since then, I’ve been picking up his cards here and there, and will be featuring my favorites from my collection over time on this site, starting with nostalgic favorites and working my way up.

Speaking of nostalgia…

Once a holy grail.

Rookie and Traded sets were my bread and butter the first time around in my collecting life. There was something about them that also captured my imagination. My guess is it was seeing these designs that I was so inured to from the year with all new photographs and players. And the rookies. Especially the rookies. Not to mention you could buy those little sets for a reasonable price compared to the larger sets, and for a poor kid, that was a huge plus. Not to mention Topps Traded used a much higher quality card stock, and Topps card stock drove me nuts as a kid.

So I’ve been going back and completing some wishlists of late. Finally found a reasonably-priced 1988 Scored Traded set, and my collection of 1988 traded sets is basically complete, save for Donruss Baseball’s Best, which is next on my list. I’m currently sorting and collating to look at the players from that year and their cards from the different sets. I’ll be bringing that feature here, as well as going backwards and forwards in time (currently working on the 1989 sets).

Of course, I’ll also be hitting the highlights of Nationals and Expos cards, though I really have discovered that I’m more about the nostalgic factor of baseball cards. Being a child of the junk wax era, that’s a damned good thing, because it makes things cheap.

Anyway, expect to see more in this space very soon. I’m excited again!



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4 responses to “I’m Back

  1. Welcome back! I’m giving away a TON of cards, of which the Expos/Nationals are still unclaimed if you want them. The giveaway is up now and ends at 5:30 today if you’re interested.

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